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Being human is given.

But keeping our humanity is choice.

We were born humans but it’s a choice to have humanity. Don’t we almost always come across people who are leading a life that is not ‘life’ to say? They are surviving, that’s it. We simply fail to notice or even think about those children that play around without clothes on, because it has become a common thing we see around. We don’t know if they starve, and if they do then why aren’t we there to feed them? Aren’t they a part of us? Isn’t it us and them together that forms this nation?

 We need hands united and start with a small step together to make it later a stride. Become a part of us to see the way we see it and then we won’t fail to notice those who need our attention. This all needs reconstruction and we can build hope and eventually make it happen. This will happen gradually but all it needs is us to be truly willing. Generosity is a gift everyone can afford to give. We do not necessarily need to be affluent in order to support those in need. A small part of our fortune and above that our willingness to give can be a boon to them. 


In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Real Work Real Change’, Our NGO has taken its intervention to support the underserved into the interiors of India, reaching the unreached in the remotest of rural areas and urban slums with our services.

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Baby of Sunita

Age- 5 Days

Baby of Maya Bhakhar

Age- 6 Months

Master Ankit

Age- 1 Year